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Complete Guide to TFT Rise of the Elements

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TFT’s newest seasonal set, Rise of the Elements, features a new roster of champions fit with new classes, elements and even a few new items. This, all on top of the newly expanded board with elemental hexes. To help guide players through this transition, The Game Haus has assembled this guide fit with several additional articles on specific aspects of Rise of the Elements. This will allow players to pinpoint what they need to improve on the most and go to the article that addresses that specific thing. Think of it as a landing page, of sorts, for all things TFT set 2.

tft rise of the elements
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New to TFT and League of Legends?

If you’re coming to TFT without a background in League of Legends, several of the champs and items may be unfamiliar to you. For players in this situation, we recommend reading further into the following article which gives three tips for players new to both TFT and League of Legends.

Curious How to Best Utilize the Elemental Hexes?

One of the new features to set 2 is the addition of four different elemental boards that contain their own kind of elemental hex. These give buffs to the unit placed on them, based on which kind of board each match is being played on. For more on what each of the boards does and how to best master them, check out the articles below.

Which Comps Work Best at Different Stages of the Game?

TFT’s set 2, much more than set 1, has certain comps that work best in the early, mid and late game. Getting the most out of each element or class is less important than it once was, with champs and items taking more of a front seat. For more on this, below is a guide on the best compositions for each stage of the game.

Which Champs Should I try to put Items on?

Some champs in the new set are absolutely devastating when well equipped with items, while others don’t need them to contribute as much (like Wardens, for example). Because of that, it is much more important to know which champs should be fitted with items. The guide below lists the top 10, in a range of costs.

Just Want Some Tier Lists?

For some, simply having tier lists is enough to know what’s strong and what’s not, without restricting creativity. For those readers, The Game Haus has developed tier lists for the latest patch notes for every aspect of the new set including items, classes, elements and champions. Those can all be accessed below.

Need an Item Recipe Cheat Sheet?

We’ve got one! There’s a link to our item cheat sheet for set 2 below. Make sure to bookmark it or download the image in the article so you’ve got it on-hand during those games.

What Patch Notes are Live?

Currently, patch 9.23 is live. But with how fast TFT moves, this will likely only be live for a week or two. So, to keep tabs on which patch is live, make sure to bookmark this guide and we’ll keep the link below updated with what patch it live currently. The article below breaks down and analyzes the current patch notes.

Want More?

For other TFT-related content, head to the Teamfight Tactics page of the website. There, you can find more, ranging from speculations on the release timeline to coverage of the scenes emerging esports scene. All in all, The Game Haus hopes to be the one-stop-shop for all TFT news and guides for players.



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