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Complete Guide to Mastering Ocean Boards in TFT

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One of the most unique and interesting aspects of TFT’s Rise of the Elements seasonal set are the four unique elemental board types. Each game, players are on either an Inferno, Cloud, Water or Mountain board, which each give their own unique buff to a unit on the highlight hexes.

The guide below is aimed at helping players master Ocean boards, which give units extra starting mana each round. These are the best items to use, the best champions and classes that comprise optimal compositions and general theory tips when playing a game on a Ocean board.

Best Single and Combined Items

Single Items
  • Tear of the Goddess
  • Needlessly Large Rod
Combined Items
  • Luden’s Echo
  • Seraph’s Embrace
  • Jeweled Gauntlet
  • Ionic Spark

Mana is one of the ket things to look for on Ocean boards, because you want lots of spells from all champions. But, in the same light, getting Needlessly Large Rods can also be beneficial in order to keep the spells you are casting especially powerful. Because of that, look for those and Tear of the Goddess on Carousel rounds.

For combined items, much of the same sentiment is true, which means things like Seraph’s Embrace, Luden’s Echo and Jeweled Gauntlet are all strong. However, to stay one step ahead and counter enemies looking to do the same, having an Ionic Spark on a Warden isn’t a bad option as well.

Best Champs, Classes and Compositions

  • Veigar
  • Zed
  • Brand
  • Mage
  • Summoner
  • Ocean

When getting an Ocean board, the key is to building around units that are best when they are using their abilities and using them frequently. Because of this, classes like Mage and Summoner make a great deal of sense, with specific units like Viegar, Brand and Zed getting a lot of value from an Ocean tile due to their carry potential.

In the composition below, the author of this piece chose to go for six Mages, with Ocean and Warden as complementary pieces. This is a strong composition (especially in the current 9.24 meta) and is even better on an Ocean board.

tft ocean comps
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General Advice and Strategy

On Ocean boards, mana needs to be something that all players have on their radars. Whether in the form of Tear of the Goddess or in Mages/Summoners, mana is king of the seas. As far as positioning goes, it really depends on which Mages can handle frontline duty in the case of a forward hex. Vladimir is a go-to here, but running some Wardens and giving them the mana boost is also a good play. Backline hexes are easier, with protected Mages or Summoners being the play, with potential for a Zed as well.

Overall, these general principles should help improve games on Ocean boards, giving players a general direction with enough flexibility to pivot to other tactics when needed.

All of the guides to rach of the various board types, as well as many other helpful TFT educational pieces,  can be located on our Complete Guide to TFT Rise of the Elements


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