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Complete Guide to Mastering Mountain Boards in TFT

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One of the most unique and interesting aspects of TFT’s Rise of the Elements seasonal set are the four unique elemental board types. Each game, players are on either an Inferno, Cloud, Water or Mountain board, which each give their own unique buff to a unit on the highlight hexes.

The guide below is aimed at helping players master Mountain boards, which give units a permanent HP bonus each round. These are the best items to use, the best champions and classes that comprise optimal compositions and general theory tips when playing a game on a Mountain board.

Best Single and Combined Items

Single Items
  • Giant’s Belt
  • Negatron Cloak
Combined Items
  • Warmog’s Armor
  • Ionic Spark
  • Red Buff
  • Giant Slayer

Mountain board items work best when they maximize the value of units with high health or, by virtue of the opposite, do well to chop down enemy units that are tanky. In the vein of making your own units extra tanky, look for plenty of Giant’s Belts to make Warmog’s Armor. Ionic Spark is also a great method for getting value out of high health.

On the other hand, to counter that, items like Red Buff and Morellonomicon can be good ways to cancel out healing and the Giant Slayer is good for hurting bulkier units.

Best Champs, Classes and Compositions

  • Nasus
  • Ornn
  • Vladimir
  • Warden
  • Light
  • Druid
  • Mountain

Because the permanent HP begins on the first round, getting HP on early-game units is typically the best move. To do this, look to units like Ornn or Nasus as early-game Wardens that can scale well into the late-game.

When heading into the mid-game with the second hex, it’s important to have a tanky unit to get some extra health rolling on. The composition below shows a strategy in which two Wardens can be used alongside Druid to maximize healing, but running four, or even six, Wardens isn’t uncommon.

tft mountain
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General Advice and Strategy

On Mountain boards, positioning and early-game units are primarily where players get their value, with items helping to increase those gains even more. If hexes are closer to the back of the board and Wardens aren’t as clearly the play, consider using a Kog’Maw or a Ranger of some kind and protecting them. This board typically relies on a strong frontline, but if a player can get a ranged unit rolling with protection, it can be equally deadly.

Overall, these general principles should help improve games on Mountain boards, giving players a general direction with enough flexibility to pivot to other tactics when needed.

All of the guides to rach of the various board types, as well as many other helpful TFT educational pieces,  can be located on our Complete Guide to TFT Rise of the Elements


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