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Chase traits for TFT 12.4

Chase traits for TFT 12.4

Neon Nights is finally here. Players bid farewell to familiar faces, and TFT players can invite new champions and traits with open arms. With exciting additions to previous traits and additions of entirely new traits introduced, the “chase” is on. With some being a must-try while others leaving a little to be desired, the vertical traits for Set 6.5 are full of potential for new gameplay. Here is “The Good”, “The Bad”, and “The Dream” list of prismatic chase traits for TFT 12.4 (Set 6.5).

Disclaimer: Traits that players are able to achieve prismatic level without emblems/hearts have been excluded.

The Good


In TFT, it’s beef over chicken every time. An extra 12,800HP for a player’s team is enough to break the hearts of any opponent.


A little tricky to pull off compared to Set 6, but still very strong. Just throwing in eight will most likely be a little underwhelming. Rely on Reroll Warwick/Tryndamere or VIP Draven to carry the team to a solid win.


Dragon go Roarrrrrrrrr. Enough said.


Chase the trait, then chase the loot. Be careful not to get too greedy. (Low APM memories intensify)


Renata may not be as powerful as everyone is hoping at the moment, but 20 mana per two seconds for the entire team can make any carry “work”.


As the trait gives flat AD, the more the merrier. More AD means more damage. More damage means more wins. Simple math.


Syndicate has been taking PBE by storm. It has shown to be very consistent as a tank trait, and seven will make units nearly unkillable. Remember, the main tank is Morgana. (Stats affect her shield)


Gunslingers without red buff or shrink ray sound awful, but are actually very high in DPS. Fun fact, the second shot gives mana as well so all twinshot units basically require 50% mana.

The Bad


The Lux to Ahri swap left the trait very inconsistent. A 2 star Victor needs to be the carry, but at that point, 8 Arcanist isn’t necessary anyway. 6 is enough. (Maybe even 4)


Sad to see this not work very well. Many units work amazingly with the assassin emblem, but even still, 6 is not necessary. 4 is enough.


LW+AD Meta = Sad Braum noises. 4 is enough.


Much like Set 6, 9 is just unnecessary. 18% heal when hitting 75% HP is awkward and not worth chasing. 5 is enough.


Although very powerful, very rarely a win condition. There are more viable traits to chase. 2 is enough.


The VIP unit is really the only one that becomes worth playing in the late game, and the stats for the other units are just not worth the chase. 3 is enough (just to get VIP running).


Can anyone really tell the difference between 4 and 5? 2 is enough. (4 when playing against heavy AP)


Great trait for early game, but falls off late, regardless of the number of units. 4 is enough.


With good items on Jhin and Zeri, the extra damage is not necessary. 2 is enough.

The Dream

5 Socialite + Share the Spotlight + Duet

Everyone is a superstar.


Hope everyone enjoyed reading. As it is just the beginning, the list is very much bound to change. Until then, happy chasin’ everyone!

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