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Best TFT Items for Vi

Vi is a Hextech and Brawler champion in Teamfight Tactics. She is a three cost champ whose ultimate targets the champion furthest away, knocking aside other champions on her way there and then knocking that champion up and stunning them. With brawlers being popular in the current meta, Vi will help to get that second or third level of brawler synergy easier. But, what items are best on her? Let this list be the guide to that answer.

Spear of Shojin

TFT Lucian BuildsStill a very popular item in the meta for champions who have ults that a player wants to get off multiple times. For Vi, her ultimate is her bread and butter. She can target backline champions without having to be an assassin while also momentarily stopping channel and attacks of other units in her way. Also due to the fact that she doesn’t target until she has her ultimate that means it will almost always be a backline champion. This makes having her ult up as often as possible important. Having her essentially dive in and out can make her quite the menace. Plus the attack damage and early mana definitely help.


Garen Builds TFTMorellos works best for champions with abilities that are used often. This allows for champions to be burned for a percentage of their health while also stopping healing. With Vi’s ult going through all champions in her way and doing magic damage, that means that Morellos would apply too. Like Pyke, this can make Vi extremely frustrating to deal with. She can stop a lot of healing while also dealing a solid amount of damage. The extra health can get a one-star Vi up to 800 health along with adding more magic damage to her ult making her even more dangerous for anyone in her path. Basically, this item can be very strong on Vi.

Rabadon’s Deathcap

tft kennen buildAs was stated above Vi’s ultimate is magic damage and Rabadon’s simply provides the most magic damage in the game. Adding 50% magic damage is good on most abilities or ultimates but considering how many champions she can hit it is very strong on Vi. With this item there is the potential for her to one-shot some backline carries as well. Similar to a Blitzcrack pull. With that in mind grab a Rabadon’s, throw it on Vi and watch as opponent’s backlines fall apart.

Frozen Mallet

TFT Gnar BuildsThis is much more of a situational item. When running glacial most players will use Volibear and as he is a brawler, Vi will synergize with him. Even if a player weren’t to run Glacial as a whole but were running Brawlers then this item on her would allow for a two Glacial synergy. With her targeting backline targets, being able to freeze them could be helpful along with the stun that she already has on her kit. Even while she is getting her ultimate she can be freezing frontline targets. The additional 400 health also makes her extremely beefy even at level one with 1,000 health.

Hextech Gunblade

TFT Lucian BuildsThis is potentially more of a fun item than a super necessary one, Hextech Gunblade could add quite a bit of sustain for Vi. Not only would she get the 33% healing from her basic attacks and ultimate hitting her target but, also from all the enemies she rolls through. A player could see her go from no health to adding almost 90 per enemy hit. Essentially she could be at full health by the time she reached her target. While this may not be the best item to throw on her it is definitely one that could potentially turn her into a terror.

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