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Best TFT Items for Rengar

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One of TFT’s strongest champs in the current meta is the Wild Assassin, Rengar. This is now especially true due to the recent changes to Wild that came in patch 9.18. But, all buffs aside, equipping Rengar with the best possible items can make him a real problem in the enemy’s backline and is important to maximize his potential. Below are the most optimal choices.

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This is widely considered to be the most optimal item for Rengar in TFT, and for good reason. Getting a Bloodthirster on him gives Rengar immense survivability to help keep him harassing the enemy backline deep into each round. Prioritize this above all other items, so keep an eye out for a B.F. Sword or a Negatron Cloak on early carousels if Rengar is going to be picked up mid-game.

Infinity Edge

The next best item for Rengar, and one that can make him incredibly deadly, is Infinity Edge. This item makes critical strikes do 200% damage. If one of these hits (they all will if an army has four Wilds) it can just about take out any enemy in a single strike. The other aspect of this item that makes it so important is that it is made using two B.F. Swords, giving Rengar +30 Attack Damage at a baseline. Attack Damage, above all else, is the stat that can make or break a good Rengar.

Spear of Shojin

Another key part of building a strong Rengar is getting his ultimate off as many times as possible. To help with this, while still giving him Attack Damage, Spear of Shojin is the best option. Gaining that extra mana back after using his ultimate is huge to get Rengar closer to another one. Especially as more units drop lower and lower in health, his ultimate becomes just that much more powerful. Also, his ultimate pairs extremely well with Bloodthirster, so why not do everything to make it happen more often?

Guardian Angel

In the same vein of maximizing Attack Damage and using an item that is both currently good on its own and good on Rengar, Guardian Angel is the best option. Especially with a high-level Rengar, getting him back at 500 health can be the late-game push that an army needs to take the round. Again, especially with a Bloodthirster that can heal him back up and potential to deal massive damage with Infinity Edge, reviving Rengar can be extremely powerful.

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