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Best TFT Items for Pantheon

TFT Pantheon

Pantheon is a Guardian and a Dragon in Teamfight Tactics. He is a five cost champ whose ability thrusts him up in the air and then crashes him down towards the furthest enemy, dealing a percentage of their maximum health, plus burning them for 20% of their maximum health over time. This also applies Grievous Wounds and stuns them.

Without a doubt, Pantheon can be a very strong addition and gives teams a defensive option for dragons and an offensive one for guardians. But, what items are best on him? Let this list be the guide to that answer.


This should be the first item targeted for building an effective Pantheon. Along with giving enemies Grievous Wounds, a Morello can burn an additional 20% of the enemies maximum health over 10 seconds. This also gives Patheon additional Health and Spell Damage, due to the recipe being a Needlessly Large Rog and a Giant’s Belt.

Warmog’s ArmorWarmog's Armor

Next on the list should be Warmog’s Armor. Because Pantheon is a Guardian and a Dragon and already receives buffs when paired with those units, giving him a Warmog should help him to remain nearly unkillable in the frontline. This also gives Pantheon 400 additional Health, through the combination of two Giant’s Belts. Pair this with the 200 health from the Morello, and Pantheon becomes quite the problem to deal with.

Rabadon’s DeathcapRabadon's Deathcap

This third option is for players who want Pantheon’s ult to be a one-and-done. Because it hits so many enemies at once, the 50% boost to Spell Damage that comes from Rabadon’s can be absolutely devastating for several units. If lots of Needlessly Large Rods are circulating, save a couple and make this powerful offensive item for Pantheon.

Frozen HeartFrozen Heart

This last one is probably the lowest in terms of overall effectiveness on Pantheon compared to the other three above, but it can still be an effective tool. Frozen Heart won’t make Patheon’s ultimate any better, but the nerf to enemy units attack speed can enable him to build-up the mana to use it and can give other units a chance to strike in the meantime. If there is another carry in place, like Jinx or Draven, who already has the team’s damage covered, consider giving this to Pantheon to help stall the enemy team. It is made using a Chain Vest and a Tear of the Goddess.



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