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Best TFT Items for Lucian Set 1

TFT Lucian

One of the absolute best champs in the current patch of TFT is Lucian, especially if built correctly. The Noble Gunslinger has a lot of great synergies that players can toy around with but that’s only half of the strategy that goes into playing him. What items you put on him can greatly tilt the game in your favor and can even better help to synergize with the other champs in the game. Here are the three top items that can help to get the best value out of Lucian.

Hextech Gunglade (B.F. Sword and N.L.R.)

TFT Lucian Builds

Hextech Gunblade is used to keep Lucian constantly healed, keeping him healthy long into a fight. When playing a gunslinger composition, sometimes Lucian can make himself a bit of a frontline unity depending on where his dodges take him. This can help him survive some adverse positioning and get back to safety quickly.

Spear of Shojin (Tear of the Goddess and B.F. Sword)

TFT Lucian Builds

Spear of Shjoin (arguably the best item for Lucian) gives Lucian mana regen and gives him the ability to continuously dodge attacks and use his ability. Not only this, but Shojin’s recipe also gives Lucian a mana boost and some increased attack damage. Overall, it is always something that players must consider using when building a Lucian.

Rapid Firecannon (Recurve Bow x2)

TFT Lucian Builds

Rapid Firecannon doubles Lucian’s attack distance, along with preventing him from missing. This makes Lucian very quick to hit and very deadly. Especially considering how Yordles always seem to find their way into a game, this is a good failsafe and one that keeps the damage coming from Lucian.

Lucian needs to be protected by a strong frontline, perhaps even with a Guardian or two nearby in the backline to ensure he stays healthy. With this in mind, Glacial would also be a top choice as it offers both stuns and a wealth of beefy champions to soak damage. Mixing in three Void champs could be another great way to ensure Lucian is able to net several kills and net them quickly.

Otherwise, using these items in Lucian’s own Gunslinger/Noble composition would be very strong, considering the protection from the Nobles and the additional targets from the Gunslingers.

For more on the complete changes that have arrived in the current patch, the full announcement of the 9.18 patch notes can be found by clicking on this link to the official announcement. In the meantime, be sure to check out the latest OriginClassChampion and Item tier lists from The Game Haus and stay tuned for more upcoming news on the latest patches and tournaments.


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