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Best TFT Items for Lucian Set 2

Lucian is a Soulbound and Light champion in Teamfight Tactics. He is a four cost champ whose ability is basic attacking four times as fast in one direction and then dashing to hit another champion should that one be killed. Lucian is back but this time with the love of his life Senna and a completely new kit. But, what items are best on him? Let this list be the guide to that answer.

Giant Slayer

Back in Set 1 this item was an absolute must on most champions that had attack speed. In Set 2 it is used sparingly. That said, Giant Slayer is perfect for Lucian’s ability. This item does a percentage of the opponent’s health as true damage. Lucian’s ability makes it so he attacks four times faster. Put this item on him and watch Lucian just melt any opponent with any decent amount of health. It is especially useful against warden and berserker comps. Also, make sure to pick it up on mountain maps.

Statikk Shiv

TFT Gnar BuildsThere are two things players should be wanting their Lucians to do. The first is to get his ability and the second is to attack as quickly as possible. This item does both for him and then some. Getting off the multiple Shiv procs in a fight can be extremely beneficial and Lucian is able to do this alive or dead. Also, the extra mana at the beginning of the match and the increased attack speed helps him get to his ability very quickly. While this is not a pivotal item to have on Lucian, it is one that can be extremely useful.

Red Buff

This may not be as strong on Lucian as it was in Set 1, but it can still be extremely useful. Right now big wardens, healing berserkers and Warmogs’ are all over the board. Because of this, any anti-healing items are extremely strong. With Lucian’s range and his ability applying on-hit effects, Red Buff is extremely useful for him. If he kills one unit he dashes to another while using his ability which allows him to stop healing on multiple units. Lastly, if a player is lucky, opposing units will walk in the way of Lucian’s ability as well giving this item even more use.

Guardian Angel

While this may be a better item on Senna, it can still be extremely useful for Lucian. Because of their synergy Soulbound, keeping both of them alive as long as possible can greatly influence a round. They can maximize their damage output and also just be a nuisance as having to kill them both twice is a chore. Don’t forget that they will lose aggro if they die with GA. If a player already has a GA on Senna then they should try for another on Lucian.

Hush/Sword Breaker

As of right now both of these items are basically interchangeable depending on the opponent’s comp. While both of them can be thrown on the same champion they don’t have to be. For Lucian, these items work incredibly well again due to his ability’s added attack speed at one unit. Because each one only has a chance of keeping an opponent from attacking or using their ability they aren’t exactly reliable unless a unit is using their basic attacks multiple times. This means that with Lucian’s ability he can almost guarantee a lockdown of at least one champion until they are wiped out. Then once he moves onto the next target he can just keep rolling. Use either one depending on if the player is facing a team that is more ability or basic attack dependent.

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