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Best TFT Items for Kai’Sa

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TFT’s latest champ, Kai’Sa, has been a force since her release on the PBE. With the Void Assassin hitting live servers today alongside several brand new items, it’s important to know how to maximize her potential in such a new landscape. Here are three items that ought to do the trick.


This is a new item crafted using Sparring Gloves and a Negatron Cloak which gives the holder the ability to prevent crowd control effects. Specifically, it gives the user the ability to block one every five seconds in combat. For a Void Assassin that needs to get to the backline and new quick kills, avoiding being frozen or stunned is a massive perk. Expect to see this item on Assassins and several other units in its debut.

Infinity EdgeInfinity Edge

Sparring Gloves and B.F. Sword now craft the Infinity Edge, rather than two B.F. Swords. This item makes Kai’Sa incredibly deadly, and specifically allows her to finish off opponents quickly. Getting enemies off the board before they can use their first ability is a massive strength of Assassins and something that the Infinity Edge can greatly help with.

Last WhisperLast Whisper

This new item is crafted using a B.F. Sword and a Recurve Bow. With it, Attacks can’t miss and deal True Damage equal to 5% of the target’s maximum health. With Kai’Sa already getting this True Damage buff from using three Voids, getting even more of it can guarantee to cut through larger enemies. Because it is 5% of the target’s maximum health this makes Kai’Sa able to chunk down tanks more effectively later in fights, where Assassins can sometimes fall off in strength. It also can’t hurt not to miss, especially with the new series of items coming out and Yordles ever-present strength.

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