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Best TFT Items for Jinx

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Jinx is a Hextech and Gunslinger champion in Teamfight Tactics. She is a four cost champ whose ability allows her attack speed to increase when she gets a kill and then if she gets a second she switches to area of effect rockets. With Draven as the late game carry for Blademasters, Jinx provides Gunslingers with theirs. But, what items are best on her? Let this list be the guide to that answer.

Rapid Firecannon

TFT Lucian BuildsJinx is the hyper-carry that gunslingers needed and by giving her an item like Rapid FireCannon a player can expect her to do just that. The attack speed is the biggest need being filled here. Having Jinx already start off with high attack speed will only help her get her first kill and allow her to get the additional attack speed. Then once she has used her ability she can sit at a safe distance on the map raining down aoe rockets of death.


TFT Gnar BuildsBecause Jinx is a backline champion, assassins and other champions could jump on her and kill her rather quickly. In order to help keep her alive, Bloodthirster can give her much needed healing. With the natural damage she already does, plus the attack speed and adding in the later aoe damage, Jinx can stay pretty healthy with this item.

Red Buff

This one should be pretty obvious. Red Buff is incredibly good on ranged champions and this is especially true for Gunslingers. Giving it to Jinx will allow her to burn the target down while stopping healing. Match this with a Bloodthrister and Jinx can be a nearly unkillable machine. Add on that she is getting protection with the extra health and armor, and Red Buff is an easy choice.

Phantom Dancer

TFT Lucian BuildsPhantom Dancer is definitely more for a defensive build. If someone is running assassins this item can be extremely useful or if Jinx is dueling with another high attack damage unit. By allowing her to dodge critical hits plus adding on armor and attack speed, Phantom Dancer can definitely be useful in the right situation.

Runaan’s Hurricane

TFT Lucian BuildsNormally this item would be pretty useless but with its recent buff and the fact that it hits multiple enemies, it makes sense to throw one on Jinx. Allowing her to attack multiple enemies is great but it also allows her to get in on multiple kills quicker. Not to mention that with gunslingers she is already hitting multiple times. Add in her aoe rockets and she can wipe entire comps if given the time. The extra magic resistance isn’t the greatest thing for Jinx but, it is definitely useful for some survivability.

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