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Best TFT Items for Jayce

Jayce is a Hextech and Shapeshifter champion in Teamfight Tactics. He is a two cost unit and his ability allows him to hit away a unit stunning them and transforming from a melee fighter to a ranged one. His ability is unique and can make him a bit harder to understand how to build and to position. What items are best on him? Let this list be the guide to that answer.


TFT Gnar BuildsWith his relatively high stats at level one, Bloodthirster is a good item to start off with for Jayce. He has a solid attack stat of 60, a 65 in attack speed and 600 health. Keeping Jayce alive early in a fight and allowing him to transform is important. The health gained from Bloodthirster is perfect for this. With the Shapeshifter synergy active at an early point in the game as well, Jayce can not only be tanky but deal out some solid damage. Plus the extra damage and magic resistance can be very important in giving Jayce the punch and survivability needed to be near the front of a fight.

Red Buff

With Jayce being all attack damage, Red Buff is a solid item for him. Whether he is directly on the frontline or moves into a frontline position once the battle has started, Jayce will have to likely deal with a beefy champion. Red Buff allows him to negate healing while also burning them for damage over time. Once he use his ability, Red Buff is even better as it is very strong on ranged units. He will be able to sit back, debuff and burn enemies at will.

Warmog’s Armor

TFT Gnar BuildsJayce has one of the highest initial amounts of health for any one or two cost unit. As such he is uniquely able to frontline while then switching to a ranged unit and being able to withstand attacks as either. With Warmog’s Jayce can do that even better. Making him a tank of sorts, early on in the game can be very useful considering he has a stun. Also with the Shapeshifter synergy he regains a lot of health. This can make him a very tough champ to kill, especially early in the game. Add this on with the healing that comes with Warmog’s and Jayce is in a solid position.

Titanic Hydra

TFT Lucian BuildsOverall, this item is not currently that strong in this meta. That said, for Jayce it can be solid, especially when combining it with Warmog’s and/or Red Buff. Because it does 10% of the champions health as splash damage this can allow for Jayce to not only be beefy but also deal out some serious damage to the front and backline. This item almost guarantees that Jayce is on the frontline which can be great when he is dealing the damage in melee form. Then because of the attack speed that is given from Titanic Hydra, Jayce can quickly gain more health and be ranged from gaining mana even faster for his ability. Again this item as a whole is not reliable and shouldn’t be built first but should someone decide to build Jayce as a full on tank, Titanic Hydra can be pretty useful.

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