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Best TFT Items for Aatrox

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Aatrox is a Demon and Blademaster champion in Teamfight Tactics. He is a three cost champ whose ability allows him to strike an area in front of him doing massive damage to everyone inside of it. In a Demon or Blademaster comp, Aatrox can be a champion worthy of putting items on with the expectation of him carrying. But, what items are best on him? Let this list be the guide to that answer.

Thief’s GlovesThief's Gloves

This is a new item that has just arrived in Patch 9.19 that is crafted by using two of the new item, Sparring Gloves. Because it is a bit complex to explain, here is what TFT has described the item as doing,

“A champion holding Thief’s Gloves can’t hold other items except temporary ones gained by this item. Thief’s Gloves cannot be given to a champion that already holds an item. On round start, gain two temporary items. Their quality is based on player level.”

Basically, this allows a unit to scale as the game progresses and allows other items to be spent elsewhere. It also gives Aatrox extra Dodge and Crit chance from the double Sparring Gloves.

Hextech GunbladeHextech Gunblade

If the Thief’s Gloves are out of the question, these next two items pair well together. The first is the Hextech Gunblade, which simply heals for 25% of all damage dealt. Because Aatrox is a carry unit that can deal lots of damage (especially with the help of the item below) giving him the ability to heal is crucial. This is especially true when running several Blademasters, as Aatrox and Shen will likely be frontline units getting hit by Rangers or Gunslingers.

Guinsoo’s RageblabeGuinsoo's Rageblade

This item is a popular one in TFT, made using a Recurve Bow and a Needlessly Large Rod. It can make Aatrox a real problem late-game, especially if he finds himself in a Blademaster composition. Also, because he is a Demon, getting as much Mana steal as possible is going to shut the enemy team down.


For more on the changes that coming in the next patch, the anticipated 9.19 patch notes can be found by clicking on this link. In the meantime, be sure to check out the latest OriginClassChampion and Item tier lists from The Game Haus and stay tuned for more upcoming news on the latest patches and tournaments.


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