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Best Items for Senna in TFT

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Senna is a Soulbound and Shadow champion in Teamfight Tactics. She is a two cost champ whose ability is a beam of energy at her furthest ally, buffing them and damaging any enemy it passes through. Senna is definitely one of the more unique champions in TFT and her ability can be game-changing if she is built correctly. But, what items are best on her? Let this list be the guide to that answer.


Not only is this item one of the best in the game, but it is also a must for Senna. Because she is able to hit such a wide area with her ability this may be one of the best uses of Morello in the game. The immediate health and ability power definitely are welcome. Also, the fact that she is normally shooting at allies either on the front line or assassins in the back makes sure she is maximizing her damage. The one thing to keep in mind is that this item is completely useless if Senna is not positioned correctly. If she only hits allies then she may as well have no items on her.

Guardian Angel

Along with Morello, this is a must-have item on Senna for two reasons. The most obvious is her synergy with Lucian, Soulbound. If she gets jumped on and dies then her coming back keeps, either alive or dead, Lucian still shooting. This allows her to maximize her damage and Lucian’s. Even without Lucian, GA can still be useful. Since she is normally positioned in the back, she can get easily assassinated. Because Guardian Angel makes her lose aggro, she can come back after being killed off quickly to buff her teammates as they fight on. As stated before, this item and Morellonomicon are her best two items.

Spear of Shojin

Senna is already able to get off her first shot pretty easily. That said, this item makes it not only instantaneous but because it regenerates mana with every basic attack, it can allow Senna to be buffing allies seemingly every two or three shots. If Senna is able to use her ability multiple times in a fight not only will she dish out some serious damage, but so will her allies. The buff could quickly get up to 50 or 75 extra damage which can absolutely change the flow of a fight quickly in the user’s favor.

Talisman of Light

With Lucian being light, this one is also pretty obvious. The only reason it is not a must is that by itself it really is not all that threatening. As a second or third item though, Senna can really be a problem. Running her in a Light comp is extremely threatening as not only will units (including her) receive health and attack speed buffs, but Senna gives them the extra damage too. Combining all of this seemingly makes a near Exodia type comp. The problem is that all the pieces have to come together otherwise it is just an average comp.

Inferno’s Cinder

This one may not be talked about much or be as popular but imagine hitting most of someone’s comp with a beam that seems harmless and then the floor turns to lava all around them? Well, Senna can do this very early on in a match. Because of her ability to hit so many units, the proc from Inferno can be devastating. Combine this with a Diana that she is aiming at along with a Morello and Senna can easily be the top damage dealer on a team. While this may not be her best item, it is one that users should strongly consider when running Inferno comps.

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