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Best Items for Gnar in TFT

TFT Gnar Builds

Gnar is unique in that he is both among the most powerful Shapeshifters as well as being one of the most powerful Yordles in TFT. The 4-cost champ takes a while to get going but when he transforms, it’s absolutely devastating for the enemy team. Building a solid Gnar, or any shapeshifter for that matter, requires a careful eye. These champs do not benefit from getting mana after using their abilities, rendering popular items like Spear of Shojin practically useless on them. To avoid this problem and fully unlock the carry potential of Gnar, here are the top three items for the Yordle Shapeshifter.

Warmog’s Armor (Giant’s Belt x2)

TFT Gnar Builds

This is one of the first items to look for when building a Gnar because of its ability to keep him alive long enough to transform. This allows him to regenerate a lot of health once the transformation has taken place.

Although it’s not featured on this list, this item also pairs extremely well with a Titanic Hydra, which is built using a Giant’s Belt and a Recurve Bow. If a player finds themselves unable to build the other items on this list, this can be a good alternative.

Bloodthirster (B.F. Sword and Negatron Cloak)bloodthirster

In much the same vein of Warmog’s, Bloodthirster is great on Gnar to help keep him healed and attack speed high. Once he transforms, it is basic attacks that fuel his DPS, making Bloodthirster all the more powerful. The Negatron Cloak provides just enough resistance to get through some tough magic damage, but most of the value of this one comes from the healing.

Guardian Angel (B.F. Sword and Chain Vestguardian angel

As of the time of this article’s publication, Guardian Angel is one of the better items in all of TFT. It is especially strong on Shapeshifters like Gnar because it keeps them transformed once they are resurrected, as long as they transform before they are first killed. Pair this resurrection with the healing of the other two items, and the other team should have quite the problem on their hands.


For more on the complete changes that have arrived in the current patch, the full announcement of the 9.18 patch notes can be found by clicking on this link to the official announcement. In the meantime, be sure to check out the latest OriginClassChampion and Item tier lists from The Game Haus and stay tuned for more upcoming news on the latest patches and tournaments.


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