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Best Early, Mid and Late Game Champions in Team Fight Tactics

team fight tactics champions

In Team Fight Tactics, often the key to winning is to properly balance adapting to the late-game and getting level three champions from the early rounds. Doing both of these effectively is challenging, however. How does one decide which champs to keep and which to surrender going into the later rounds?

The key is to recognize which champs are optimized for each phase of the game. Some champs thrive in the early game but drop off later when other, more expensive champs come into play. At that point, it’s worth considering other options that are simply unavailable until the mid to late game. Below are a few of the champs that are best early, mid and late game on the patch that is live at the date of this article’s release.

Early Game

The champs that are bolded can be effective throughout a match. Keep these around if possible and consider building a team around them, depending on how the rolls play out. The champs not in bold are great in the early game but may not be worth keeping around when newer, better champs roll around.

team fight tactics champions

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Mid Game

These champs are all useful if they’re available in the mid-game rolls and they work with the current army’s synergy. All of these are useful in the late game and can be core tenants of building a strong army.

Aurelion Sol
Cho Gath

Late Game

These champs, while expensive and hard to come by, can greatly aid nearly any army. Get one of these to level two and good things will begin to happen, no doubt.

Miss Fortune

As patches continue to be released and the game continues to update, stay tuned for more champion guides and other Team Fight Tactics content here, at The Game Haus.


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