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Best Champions for Thief’s Gloves

It was announced recently that there would be new items coming to Teamfight Tactics in Patch 9.19 for the first time since release. This will undoubtedly shake up the meta. Most of them build from the new starting item, Sparring Gloves, which gives the user a +10% Dodge and Critical Hit Chance. It is an item that brings offense and defense and can be built to enhance either one even more. With these new items, players will be wondering what champions to build them on. While they wont be coming out for a bit on the live servers players can test them on the PBE. Hopefully, this list can give players some guidance when using one of the new Sparring Gloves items, Thief’s Gloves.

Thief’s Gloves- Sparring Gloves + Sparring Gloves

A champion holding Thief’s Gloves can’t hold other items except temporary ones gained by this item. Thief’s Gloves cannot be given to a champion that already holds an item. On round start, gain two temporary items. Their quality is based on your player level.

  1. Aatrox- Aatrox can use many different items in the game and be effective. Because of that, Thief’s Gloves can work well on him as he will gain random items and still be able to use any of them well. Along with the chance to dodge and critically strike, Thief’s Gloves will work well on Aatrox.
  2. Ashe- Seeing as Ashe is ranged, having the ability to dodge while also having a higher chance to crit is a pretty good combo. Ashe is also still used in many builds due to Rangers and Glacials still being strong in the meta. Add on that she can use many of the TFT items effectively in one way or another and Thief’s Gloves should work well on her.
  3. Pyke- Recently Pyke has fallen from the top tier of champions with his nerfs. While he is still a solid champion overall he does not normally get items first or late in the game. This one could change that though. With the dodge and crit chance he can more effectively do damage while not dying. Also, there are a lot of useful items for him so this makes it easier to justify getting random ones. Unlike so many other assassins in the game currently, Pyke’s usefulness is not determined by the items he has on him.
  4. Zed- Similarly to Pyke, Zed is a solid champion in the meta and one that is not usually first on the list to get the other items in the game. Thief’s Gloves give Zed the ability to wreak even more havoc on the backline than normal. He is usually built with critical hitting in mind so adding 20% to that and then getting other random items should work well with him. On top of that there are many other items that can be useful on him even if they aren’t the first choice so the RNG can work on him.
  5. Any Champ- This may be seen as a cop-out, but because of the RNG of this item it could be theoretically fun to throw it on any champion in the game. They could get actually good items or they could get terrible ones that don’t fit their kit at all. If a player wants to truly have a random game then just throw these bad boys on anyone and see what happens.

For other items or tier lists checkout the TGH, Teamfight Tactics Page.

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