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Could Astronaut Synergy Be Coming to TFT Galaxies and What Might It Look Like?

In a recent developer update, it was announced that TFT would be getting a mid-set expansion. This expansion would add new champions, synergies, galaxies and more. The reasoning for this was that instead of putting in new champions sporadically throughout the set, they would rather release a group of them at once. With this new information, many started to speculate, what new champions or synergies would be added? Well, the announcement video also revealed a new skin for Bard in League of Legends, Astronaut Bard.

By giving Bard an Astronaut skin, Riot now has three skins of that same line. One for Teemo and Nautilus along with Bard. It seems like an odd decision to add Astronaut Bard randomly. Unless if it is getting added to because they want to add the synergy to TFT. While obviously not conclusive, it could make sense. Even the Little Legends given to everyone who buys the Galaxy-Pass at the beginning is Astronaut Molediver making it seem like this was at least on their mind when the set initially launched. Also, these are three champions that could definitely add some new dynamics to the game as only Nautilus has been in TFT before. Here are some thoughts as to what the synergy could be, what each champion might end up being and what ability they might have.

Astronaut Synergy

Origin: Due to their weightlessness in Astronaut’s float allowing them to dodge every fourth attack or spelling automatically.

This would bring a dynamic not seen since Yordles only this time it would not be based on a percentage but instead a definitive number. The synergy would take out the rng that frustrated people with Yordles. Also, it would mean that these champions would go very well with Sparring Gloves. The ability to automatically dodge spells would definitely come in handy in numerous situations. Dodging is not something that many players plan on building for right now but adding this ability would definitely bring it to the forefront for some interesting new comps.

Astronaut Champions


Image Courtesy of Riot Games

Cost: 1
Origin: Astronaut
Class: Mystic
Mana: 0/80
Ability: Cosmic Binding- Bard fires a burst of spirit energy at the target in front of him dealing Spell Damage and stunning the unit and a unit within one hex if directly behind the initially hit unit. If there is no unit behind the initially hit unit then it does not stun.
Ability Damage: 150/275/450
Ability Stun: 2/3/5


Best Champions for Carrying Each Role
Image Courtesy of Riot Games

Cost: 3
Origin: Astronaut
Class: Brawler
Mana: 50/125
Ability: Depth Charge- Sends out a depth charge that seeks out the farthest enemy, knocking them up and stunning them while also dealing Spell Damage to all enemies it passes through.
Ability Damage: 200/300/500
Ability Stun: 3/4/6


Image Courtesy of Riot Games

Cost: 5
Origin: Astronaut
Class: Infiltrator and Sorcerer
Mana: 50/125
Ability: Noxious Trap- Teemo tosses a trap at the unit with the highest percentage of health detonating it poisoning, slowing the attack speed of and damaging all units within one hex. All of Teemo’s basic attacks also poison. Poison stacks up to five times and damages per second.
Ability Damage: 250/400/666
Attack Speed Slow: 50% for 1/2.5/5 Seconds
Poison: 15/30/66 Spell Damage Per Second

Having a one-cost Mystic would be nice as it would allow for Mystics to be run more often not only because of the cost but just having another unit would give it some flexibility. Bard’s stun would allow for solid early damage with the ability to punish comps that have to be clustered together. While Nautilus wouldn’t bring too much in terms of being different from Set 2, he would give Brawlers much-needed flexibility in the same way that Bard does for Mystics. His ability was strong at disturbing backlines in Set 2 and he would definitely make positioning even harder for carries considering they might have to think about him, Blitzcrank and Vi all in one comp. Lastly, Teemo would be the demon everyone knows he is. The poison would be nice but most importantly he would bring a lot of diversity to the game being an Infiltrator and Sorcerer. It would add to the Mech Infiltrator comp potentially allow it to become 3 Mech-Pilot, 4 Infiltrator and 2 Sorcerer while only needing seven units. Just imagine the turmoil he would cause. Again, it does not seem likely that all of this would be exactly what is added but it is fun to imagine as it feels like Astronaut or some variation of the three of these champions is likely to be coming with the mid-set patch.

What would you add or take-off of this comp? Would you change the synergy ability or one of the abilities of the champions? Let us know in the comments!

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