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A Look at the Ornn Artifacts for TFT Set 4.5

Elderwood Ornn Splash Art

Teamfight Tactics Set 4.5 has officially been revealed and with it the new items that Ornn will be able to make. These come as a result of his Blacksmith ability where each turn he will create new items. As a reminder, these items are only ones that he can build and cannot be found or created any other way. In the reveal they showed off four new items/artifacts. It has been confirmed that there are 10 different items. That said, here is a look at the four known Ornn Artifacts coming to TFT Set 4.5, Festival of Beasts.

*Note: This article will be updated as more is known about the Ornn Artifacts.

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Gold CollectorLoL Item: The Collector

+40 Attack Damage and +20% Critical Strike

“The wearer instantly kills enemies they damage who are below 10% health. Executions generate a gold.”

Rocket-Propelled FistRocket.png

+15 Mana, +25 Armor, +200 Health

At the start of combat, the wearer pulls the farthest enemy into melee range, stunning them for 1.5 seconds. Allies within range will prioritize attacking that enemy.”


+20 Attack Damage, +20 Attack Speed, +15 Mana

“After the wearer casts their spell for the first time each combat, they restore 100 Mana.”

Infinity Force3078_Fighter_T4_TrinityForcev1.jpg

+33 of every stat other than health, +333 Health

Tons of Damage!….Well, really tons of everything.”

Eternal Winter

+200 Health, +15 Ability power, +25 Armor

Enemies who damage the wearer are Attack Speed Slowed by 50% fo 2.5 seconds. After being Attack Speed Slowed 5 times, attacker is frozen instead. Frozen limited to every 5 seconds.

Randuin’s Sanctum

+200 Health, +25 Armor, +25 Magic Resist

At the start of combat, all allies adjacent to the wearer gain 50 Armor and Magic Resist for the rest of combat. (wearer doesn’t get)

Obsidian Cleaver

+200 Health, +30 Attack Damage

The wearer’s attacks and spell damage shred Armor and Magic Resistance by 40% for 3 seconds.

Death’s Defiance

+15 Attack Damage, +15% Attack Speed, +25 Armor

60% of the damage the wearer receives is dealt over 5 seconds as non-lethal damage.

Zhonya’s Paradox

+15 Ability Power, +25 Armor, +25 Magic Resist

The first instance of damage that would reduce the wearer below 40% HP is prevented, causing invulnerability for 2.5 seconds.

Anima Visage

+200 Health, +15% Attack Speed, +25 Magic Resist

The wearer regenerates 8% of their maximum HP each second.



There is no doubt that these items will definitely change how people play the game. Getting exclusive items like what was formerly a Blitzcrank pull can fundamentally change the game. This is especially true with Trinity Force, although it seems that may be the 3* Ornn item that basically ends the game on any unit.

TFT Set 4.5 Festival of Beasts will be released in the coming weeks and should be playable on the PBE here in the next few days. For fans who love to get an early look at the new set they should make sure they download the PBE and then keep looking at The Game Haus for some new comps to tryout with all of the new champions.

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