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A Look at the Lucky Lantern Items in TFT Set 4.5

Festival of Beasts

Coming with the new TFT Set, 4.5 Fesitval of Beasts is a new item called a “Lucky Lantern” which will definitely shake up the game. These items will be given to every player in the game at a certain point which is not currently known. There will be other potential items, including brand new items, in the Lucky Lantern and surely TFT fans will want to know what the Lucky Lantern Items are. Here is a look at everything players can get from the Lucky Lantern and what the new items do.

*Note: This will be updated as more items are made known for the Lucky Lantern.

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Lucky Lantern Available Items
  • Gold
  • Neeko’s Help
  • Components for Other Items
  • Force of Nature
  • Shop Reroller
    • “Use this on a champion and your shop will reroll once, free of charge, and only include champs of the same traits! For example if you use this item on a Kennen, only Ninja’s and Keepers will appear in the shop! Other than that it follows the normal shop rules for things like percent chances to see each cost. And because we know you’ll ask, in the incredibly unlikely event all the champs are somehow out of the pool, then it is possible for this item to fail and just roll other champs.”
  • Item Remover
    • “Use this on a champion and all the items will pop off of them and return to your bench. If you want to keep the champion you worked so hard to build up, but be able to move the items to a stronger champ, then this is the consumable for you!”
  • Item Reroller
    • “Use this on a champion and not only with the items pop off a champion, but they will also reroll into a random similar item. So if you have a cloak you don’t need, use this to reroll it into a different component. It also works on full items, but that’s a REALLY risky play! (Spatulas and Spatula items can’t be rolled.)”
  • Training Dummy
    • “Finally this one gives you a placeable training dummy that works kind of like the Azir Soldiers. You can place it anywhere and it has some HP to eat up some attacks. Strategic placement of these can give you a big advantage, and it doesn’t count towards your army limit. You can’t bench or sell it though.”

Some of these items could potentially be game-changing. Make sure to watch out and see what opponents are grabbing.

TFT Set 4.5 Festival of Beasts will be released in the coming weeks and should be playable on the PBE here in the next few days. For fans who love to get an early look at the new set they should make sure they download the PBE and then keep looking at The Game Haus for some new comps to tryout with all of the new champions.

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