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5 Comps to Tryout Day 1 of TFT: Fates

With the PBE updating to include TFT: Fates, many players are wondering what TFT Fates comps they should even build on day one? Here are five comps that players should use as a base on their TFT: Fates adventure.

Warren Younger is a 7x Master TFT Player. Check back to TGH frequently for more guides.


Could be the new Blaster Brawlers. Focus on Warwick and Ashe as the main carries. Sett and Ezreal seem very strong as well and provide solid late-game damage and utility.

6 Duelist + Yone

TFT Fates Comp duelist

Kalista is the star of the show in this comp. Focus on putting items like Guinsoos and Hurricane on her to maximize the damage output. When Yone shows up, make him the secondary carry. Yone plus Kalista make a fantastic one, two, punch. Throw in a Lee Sin as he can literally punch too.

6 Cultist

TFT Fates Comp. Cultist

This is a very straightforward comp. Run the six best Cultist units and throw in Talon and Fiora for completed synergies. Talon and Kalista should be the main carries but Aatrox and Jhin can carry as well.

Elderwood Mage

TFT Fates Comp Mage

This comp focuses on making sure Ahri can keep firing her Spirit Bomb while being protected by Lilia, Zilean, Lulu, and Yuumi. Lilia and Veigar can be good secondary carries.

6 Warlords

Azir and Talon are the main carries here. Azir and Jarvan are Keepers so its best to keep the units close together for the shield buff.


These are some quick and easy comps to tryout on day one of the PBE. While these may not be perfect or even the meta, later on, it is good to test things out and see what works. Make sure to keep it here for more guides and analysis as TFT: Fates goes on.

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