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3 TFT Set 6 Traits Players Must Try

TFT Set 6 Gizmos and Gadgets

With the Set 6 days away from dropping on PBE, everyone who saw the traits and augments must have one thing on their mind. For those who don’t have the time to read and try everything for themselves, here are three TFT Set 6 traits for everyone to try out with the new TFT set, Gizmos and Gadgets.

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As the set name suggests, the set is packed with a mech theme, and this trait definitely fits in the best.

Every set has offered a “Summon” trait, and for Set 6, Innovators will serve that role. The innovators will create a mechanical ally to help you in your battle, ranging from an adorable scarab to a deadly dragon. This set, the summon seems to be permanently on the board as a unit so it can be placed where ever the player wants, depending on the purpose it needs to serve. Although an emblem is required to complete the trait, it is 100% a must-try.

It’s Gizmos and Gadgets for Pete’s sake!


Many of the traits of this set are reforged from comfortable favorites.

Challengers resemble Duelist/Blademaster, Arcanists are the mages of the set, and Assassins are…. well, Assasins. But some are completely new and unique, and Mutants look like they are going to be the most fun of them all. Giving units unique buffs which are different in every game, no match will ever be the same. Different buffs work well with different items and augments, requiring players to stay engaged, and will never go stale.

Of course, this trait may not be for the consistent top 4 grinder, but it’ll surely be a blast to play casually, especially with friends!


What set would be complete without the loot trait? Players love (and hate) them, and Set 6 doesn’t disappoint. There were Space pirates, Fortune, Draconic, and now Mercenary!

With a dice mechanic deciding the loot a player receives after wins, players will be praying to the gods of RNG more than ever before. Whether it’s just a splash-in to help early, or a full-blown 7 Mercenary commitment, this trait is definitely a must-try for all players and YouTubers. (Hard not to see the clickbaits and pog faces already…)


Of course, there are so many more things to try for Set 6.

The Colossus units which count as 2 units but give huge buffs to your entire board, Chemtech with invites Zac to join TFT for the first time, and everyone could use some Cuddles. Definitely not everything was covered here, but if you don’t even know where to begin with playing TFT Set 6, how about giving the above a try?

Looking forward to seeing everyone on the PBE!

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