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3 TFT Set 4.5 Comps to Try on PBE Day 1

The time has finally arrived, TFT Set 4.5, Festival of Beasts, will be hitting the PBE and players will be wondering what to play? Well with all of the new champions, their abilities and new traits joining the crew it may be tough to wrap one’s head around it all right off the start. To make it easier, here are three new TFT Set 4.5 comps to try on Day 1 of the PBE.

As a quick reminder, these are just test comps, none of them may be viable as the meta shifts and the top comps come out or they could turn into top tier comps. Only time will tell.

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Elder Ninja

This comp is built around Xayah not only maximizing her damage but making sure she stays alive to use her ability as many times as possible. In the early game picking up Jarvan with Rakan will start the four Keepers. Players can go early Warlord and put the Xayah items on Nidalee until they are ready to make the transition.

Then leveling will be the name of the game. Save up gold while grabbing pieces of the puzzle and try not to lose too much health early on. Getting the early Warlords and Keeper should help with this. Getting to level 8 is imperative with this comp. One can switch out Ornn and Azir for Lulu and Jarvan respectively.

Once the player gets the Xayah, surround her with the three other keepers to give her the biggest shield possible. Her ultimate will keep her from danger in most scenarios. Try to positioner her close enough to the frontline so her ult is doing what it is meant to. The four Ninjas will help to provide frontline support, strong CC and great backline damage as well.

Lastly, when itemizing Xayah do remember the Ornn Artifacts. While this build is meant to maximize her ability with critical strikes on both ends, getting something like an Infinity Force could basically do the same thing but better.

Dragonsoul Sharpshooter

Couldn’t figure out a clever name for this one yet but surely if it ends up being top tier, someone will come up with a good one. Anyways, this comp has the chance to really inflict some serious damage and make some people very upset. Not only are Swain and Samira obnoxious but they are just icing on the cake. This comp is focused around Olaf and Tristana. It is also one that will reqiure a very specific Chosen on either Tristana or Sivir.

The goal here is to get a Rapidfire Cannon on Olaf and let him start going to town. Once he is killed then the Dragonsoul buff should pass to Tristana who has already been laying down damage with her sharpshooting buddies of Sivir and Samira. The early game for this one is Sharpshooters and Cultists. Getting Trist, Vladimir and something like Elise or TF will help. Then adding in a Sharpshooter until Sivir is obtained works as well. Players can also go early Dragonsoul with Tristana, Brand and Braum and then transition.

Either way once Olaf is acquired players can rejoice. Vladimir will give them the healing and frontline while Tryndamere hits the backline along with the Sharpshooters. Then Olaf can just rip through everything. Players can add any Slayer for Samira, Dragonsoul for Swain and Cultist for Zilean until they get them. Once they do, this comp should roll its way to consistent top fours at a minimum.

Tryndamere Duelist

The screams of TFT players all around the world were heard once Tryndamere was confirmed to be a duelist. A comp that was already quite strong seemingly only got stronger. Tryndamere is definitely going to be a force but players still can stack Yasuo, Kalista or even Sivir. The goal with this one is to get Tryndamere going and hope he never stops.

Early game is pretty easy for this comp as with all duelists comps, grab all the duelists one can. By level 6 players should have a comp that looks something like Yasuo, Jax, Kalista, Sivir, Pyke and anyone of Tryndamere, another Duelist or Sharpshooter. Getting a Duelist Chosen shouldnt be too difficult here. If a player gets a chosen on Fiora they can substitute her with Jax.

The items for Tryndamere are for him to do a ton of damage and dodge through that early CC with the QSS. Once he gets rolling he should only get stronger. Players can easily find pieces to fill in for Lee Sin and Samira until they get them. It is recommended that they get the Slayer 3 or Duelist 6 before Sharpshooters though. Also the Cultist 3 and Galio are just an added bonus with this one.

Set 4.5 on the PBE on January 5

This new Set is certainly going to bring a lot of surprises and changes to the meta. Expect plenty of champions to live up to the theme, Festival of Beasts, because a lot of them will be beasts to say the least. With that, let us know if you find any other fun varients of these comps or more comps to try in general as the first meta of TFT Set 4.5 comps comes into its own.

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