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3 New Little Legends Coming to TFT in Patch 9.16

tft little legends

In what has been an undoubtedly busy week for TFT, these little guys may have flown under the radar. According to the official announcement, the newest three little legends will be coming to the PBE very soon and will go live on August 14 on patch 9.16 with the four new heroes and new Hextech origin. Here is the first look at the newest additions:

tft little legends
Image Courtesy of Riot Games

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Here’s a bit more about the three little legends, according to the release from Riot Games:

Moontipped Hushtail

The Moontipped Hushtail has come to explore Runeterra. The Hushtail can take on many forms… It can be difficult to spot the Hushtail unless you know to look for its three iconic bushy tails. Varieties include:

  • Mistberry Hushtail
  • Fae Hushtail
  • Untamed Hushtail
  • Monarch Hushtail
  • Eternal Hushtail

Jade Paddlemar

The Jade Paddlemar aspires to someday sail the skies with the adult Paddlemars. But he’s just…so sleepy. Varieties include:

  • Rosebloom Paddlemar
  • Tidepool Paddlemar
  • Glamorous Paddlemar
  • Caldera Paddlemar
  • Yuletide Paddlemar

Jeweled Protector

The Jeweled Protector is a fierce winged beast. He has gems embedded along his spine that glow with a mysterious power. Varieties include:

  • Shadowgem Protector
  • Reigning Protector
  • Skygem Protector
  • Fierce Protector
  • Sunborn Protector

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TFT is currently free to play and download from the League of Legends client. Hop in now to enjoy both ranked and normal modes and begin working towards these three new little legends!


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Featured Image Courtesy of Riot Games

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