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3 Chibi Champions Coming to TFT

With the soon to release of the new TFT set, Riot blessed the community with a new tactician type: Chibi Champions. The Chibi Champions essentially serve as the player’s in game avatar, allowing for more customization. As of now, the Chibi Champions announced are Chibi Jinx, Vi, and Ekko. These miniature versions of preexisting champions look fantastic. With adorable cartoonish eyes, enormous oversized heads, and amazing splash arts, these new cosmetics are sure to become the new flaunt in TFT.

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Here is a quick look at the new cosmetics.

TFT Chibi Champions

Chibi Jinx

Jinx gleefully runs after creating mayhem.

TFT Chibi Champions
Chibi Vi

Sparks jump out of Vi’s gauntlet, as she grins with confidence.

TFT Chibi Champions
Chibi Ekko

In a dash of light, Chibi Ekko runs across with his shining sword at hand.

Set to release on November 2 alongside the new TFT set, the Chibi Champions replace tacticians. Displayed in each of the splash art is the same background. Though it is difficult to make it out in Jinx’s picture, the little graffity smiley face proves this point. Clearly, the Chibi Champions are emphasizing Zaun in their first release.

All three members are technically from the same region. Perhaps in light of Arcane releasing later this year, the theme surrounding the teased Chibis seem to be surrounding Zaun. Riot’s new television show stars Jinx and Vi’s sisterhood, shining light to the the region of Zaun. The underground region of Zaun is practically Piltover’s wasteland, a dumping ground for to higher class to abuse for resources. Though trailers did not debut Ekko, Arcane will surely feature the brilliant scientist as well.

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