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Team SoloMid Signs We Dem Girlz

Team Solo Mid Signs We Dem Girlz

Esports legend Team SoloMid signed the We Dem Girlz roster last Friday. The signing is TSM’s first venture into Rocket League.

TSM picks up one of EU’s top rosters that includes Remco ‘remkoe’ den Boer, Otto ‘Metsanauris’ Kaipiainen, and Jordan ‘EyeIgnite’ Stellon who played in RLCS season six without an org, thus adopting the monkier “We Dem Girlz”.

Rocket League welcomes one of esport’s most prestigious orgs.

Finally, Some Stability for EU’s Elite

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After Complexity’s third place finish at the Rocket League Championship Series Finals,  the squad found itself in need of a spark. They released Metsanauris, who replaced Deevo with Team EnVyUs. EnVyUs elected to leave the esport, leaving the squad without the stability of having an org behind them.

Season six panned out pretty well for WDG. For most of the season it seemed that WDG was the only viable EU challenger to the dynasty Dignitas. Their strong regular season them qualified for the LAN playoffs in Las Vegas, they beat eventual champion Cloud 9 on Day 2 and swept the Chiefs before losing two series in a row to Dignitas and Cloud 9 respectively.

A few weeks later WDG came back from a first round loss and won E-League. They confirmed their spot as one of the best three teams in the world, but remained unsigned. What else did they have to do?

Well, negotiate contracts, apparently. Four days after they were awarded E-League champs, We Dem Girlz were awarded with a different title: Team Solo Mid.

Team SoloMid and How They’ll Help WDG

Rocket League pros are payed by the organizations that sponsor them. According to CloudFuel, the average player earns about $4,000 a month. That means the only revenue that Remkoe, EyeIgnite and Metsanauris were getting was from their own streaming, sponsorships or prize winnings.

Because Team SoloMid signed We Dem Girlz, that means the stability of a consistent paycheck, and peace of mind can help players settle into a rhythm and enjoy the grind. On the flip side, it may allow the players to settle in and relax, knowing that they can pay their bills, even if they don’t win their next tournament.

That seems unlikely. Remkoe, EyeIgnite and Metsanauris are some the hardest working and most competitive players on the scene. They won’t let their play slip, and the stability that TSM will provide might allow the squad to reach another level and dethrone Dignitas as EU kings.

TSM is a League of Legends powerhouse (they have an academy team for the game a la the soccer powers of Europe). TSM also sponsors teams for League of Legends, PUBG, Fortnite, Clash Royal and Super Smash Bros. Melee EVO champ William ‘Leffen’ Hjelte.

This is great news for what was formerly We Dem Girlz. No matter where you are in life, stability will always be life’s top priority, and TSM will allow Remkoe, EyeIgnite and Metsanauris to shut out distractions and focus on what’s important: becoming the best Rocket League players they can.

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