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League of Legends

One Last Try: G2 2020 Worlds Documentary Premiered on Twitch

Halit "Manedwolf" Goksan
One Last Try: G2 2020 Worlds Documentary premiered on the team’s Twitch channel on Dec. 17, 2020. The premiere hosted by Eefje “Sjokz” Depoortere consisted...
Overwatch Seoul Dynasty

Top 8 Social Media Content the Seoul Dynasty should Produce

The social media (or SNS) is a big component of the Overwatch League. No, it doesn’t help the players improve in-game, but it pushes towards...
Esports Gaming

An Interview with Ryan Fitzpatrick, SVP of NCompass International: Experiential Marketing in Gaming and Esports during a Pandemic

Thomas Baker
With the outbreak of COVID-19, most live events in 2020 had to cancel, reschedule, or shift to virtual access. However, while the NBA, NFL, MLB...
Dignitas League of Legends

Dignitas to start V1per, Akaadian, Froggen, Johnsun and Aphromoo in Week One of Summer Split

Thomas Baker
With the 2020 LCS Summer Split approaching, Dignitas announced their starting line-up. V1per, Akaadian, Froggen, Johnsun and Aphromoo will be the initial starters for Week...
Immortals League of Legends

Immortals to Start sOAZ, Potluck, Eika, Altec, Gate in LCS Summer Split

Thomas Baker
Via Twitter, Immortals recently announced their starting roster for LCS Summer Split 2020: sOAZ, Potluck, Eika, Altec and Gate. This line-up includes three new players,...
Call of Duty

Atlanta FaZe Secure Their Second Championship at CDL Florida

Cailey Ives
Atlanta FaZe secure their second championship at CDL Florida after knocking out Optic Gaming 3-1 in the finals. Atlanta’s 50 point run propelled them past...
Call of Duty

Who is the Best Player on FaZe?

Cailey Ives
Who the best player on FaZe is depends on several factors. The Atlanta FaZe sit at the number two spot in the Call of Duty...
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