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Overwatch Halloween Terror 2020: What Skins Could Fans See?

Mallory McMahon
As October continues on, that familiar feeling of spooks and scares lingers in the air. For a fourth year, the Overwatch Halloween Terror event is...

Jeff Kaplan Confirms Sinatraa’s MVP Skin and SF Shock Grand Finals Skins are Completed

Connor Knudsen
Recently, Jay “sinatraa” Won confirmed that his MVP skin would be Zarya. However, after this leak, he claimed that he was not allowed to see...
London Spitfire Overwatch

When is the New Flying Ace Winston Skin Available to Purchase?

Connor Knudsen
The official announcement came three days ago that the London Spitfire would be getting an in-game skin to honor their 2018 OWL Grand Finals Championship....