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2021 PUBG Esports Awards: Who Is The MVP of 2021?

Christian Wisniewski
With both the calendar year and the PUBG year wrapping up, it is time to give out the 2021 PUBG Esports Awards. These awards will...

PGC 2021 Preview Part Two: Will Virtus.Pro Cement Their Greatness?

Christian Wisniewski
The 2021 PUBG Global Championship is set to return in almost two weeks and the PUBG world is beyond excited. Thirty-two teams from around the...

PCS5 Predictions: Who Will Lock Their Spots At PGC?

Christian Wisniewski
Here ye, here ye! Come one, come all to hear the predictions for the winner of every PCS5 event. After the results of PCL, ESL...

Survey Says: July 2021 PUBG Coaches Global Team Ranking

Christian Wisniewski
PUBG as an esport has continued evolution. In regions like Asia, new teams are constantly on the rise to challenge the old guard. Meanwhile in...

Weekly CS:GO News Roundup (Week of 7/02/21)

Anirudh Ajay
The weekly CS:GO news roundup is back with another edition. This week had impressive qualifications, bittersweet retirements, and wonderful CIS Counter-Strike. A reminder that IEM...
League of Legends

Here are the League of Legends End of Season 10 Rewards

Terry Oh
November 10, marks the end of League of Legends’s Season Ten. And with the end of the season, rewards are looming for players. To find...
Dota 2

How are Our International 2019 Bracket Predictions Looking?

Matt Mead
If, like us, you’ve purchased the 2019 Battle Pass, then you would have had access to The International 2019 bracket predictions. Well, the group stages...