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What We Learned From the 2020 Oceania International Championships

Eric Bartlett
The region of Oceania has crowned a new International Champion in Marco Hemantha Kaludura Silva. Silva’s run throughout this tournament was nothing short of impressive,...
Bartlett's Battle Frontier Pokemon

An Analysis of the VGC 2020 Metagame From the Results of the Bochum & Dallas Regional Championships

Eric Bartlett
The 2020 season of the Pokemon Video Game Championships is fully underway with the recent regional championships wrapping up in Bochum and Dallas. The 2020...
Bartlett's Battle Frontier Pokemon Super Smash Brothers

Eight Professional Super Smash Bros. Players and Personalities Give Pokemon VGC a Try in Wolfe Glick’s Invitational Tournament

Eric Bartlett
This past weekend, Wolfe Glick orchestrated one of the most entertaining esports crossovers of the year thus far by pitting eight personalities from the Super...
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