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Teamfight Tactics

TFT Meta Snapshot/Tier List 10.20 B-Patch – “The Return of the Queen(s)”

Warren Younger
After a much-needed B-patch that toned down the Spirit trait, the TFT meta game has for the most part reverted back to normal. The old...
Teamfight Tactics

First Impressions: The 5 Best Units in TFT: Fates

Warren Younger
Riot Games have finally revealed all the new champions that will be appearing in the new Teamfight Tactics expansion, TFT: Fates. Along with the champion...
NFL Sports

Top 3 Linebacker Free Agents in 2020

Ben Hendricks
Before free agency officially begins, TGH will be giving you our picks for the top free agents at every position in 2020. Keep in mind,...