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NFL: Week 17 Picks Against the Spread

Dylan Streibig
Well, The Game Haus is one non-disastrous week away from finishing the NFL regular season in the black against the spread. After an 8-7-1 mark
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NFL Week 17 Picks

Joe DiTullio
The NFL season is full of surprises, which makes it hard to pick winners. Cecil Walker and Joe DiTullio, of The Third and the Don
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NFL Power Rankings: Week 17

Zac Stone
Our voters for NFL Power Rankings: Week 17- Zac Stone, Joe DiTullio, Ben Hendricks, Michael Packard, Savannah Dean, Pranay Malempati With the Cowboys clinching the
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The Real Reason the NFL is King of American Sports

Dylan Streibig
Despite all the political noise of last year, the NFL remains firmly entrenched as the most popular sport in America. Why? There are many reasons,
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Week 16 Predictions

Savannah Dean
NFL Week 16 Predictions Saturday, Dec. 22 Washington Redskins vs Tennessee Titans: The Redskins have a third-string quarterback in and the defense has definitely fallen
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NFL: Week 15 X-Factors for Each Game

Pranay Malempati
Every year, week 15 and week 16 carry the most playoff drama, even more than week 17. While the final week usually decides some playoff
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NFL: Week 15 Picks Against the Spread

Dylan Streibig
Order has been restored. Aided by calling outright upsets by the Bears and Colts, the Game Haus posted a 10-6 mark against the spread last
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