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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly From the Overwatch World Cup

Bradley Long
The Overwatch World Cup returned to Blizzcon this past weekend for another iteration of the beloved international event. From its origins during the game’s infancy,...
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Overwatch: Vancouver Titans Stage 1 Preview

Bradley Long
With the move to a 28 game schedule for Season 2, a hot start is more important than ever in the Overwatch League. The Vancouver...
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Overwatch League: World Cup Players in the League

Darby Joyce
The 2018 Overwatch World Cup was a major highlight of the off-season, and it provided countries a chance to showcase their talent. Time in that...
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Overwatch League Season Two Dominant Duos: Tanks (Part 2)

David Grove
Tanks are a team’s heavy hitters. Their presence and available firepower often can be the turning point for many team-fights in Overwatch. Thousands of viewers...