Buffalo Bills 2017 NFL Draft Profile

On the 10th day of Draftmas The Game Haus gave to me, a Buffalo Bills Draft Profile!


Buffalo is an interesting team for many reasons. They went 7-9 last year and ended the year going 1-4 in their last five games. While 6-5 was not a great record it was at least in contention for a Wild Card spot.

They are a team that cannot seem to make that final push. After all of the hope of signing Rex Ryan he was ultimately let go. They have brought in Sean McDermott, one of the many new youth movement coaches as a change of pace. He had done wonders with the Panthers defense and they feel he can only help their stout unit as well.

The Bills surprised everyone by bringing back Tyrod Taylor. He has been a very controversial quarterback for Buffalo. He has been a very mediocre quarterback at best during his time in Buffalo. There are times where he can spark the team and then a drive will stall and he loses his rhythm. If he can play more consistently this Bills team will be much better.

Unfortunately they lost some pieces on offense and could only sign Corey Brown. Even after losing Stephon Gilmore the defensive unit is expected to be tough as ever. A healthy Reggie Ragland should plug the hole left by the most likely departure of possibly last years biggest surprise in Zach Brown.

Lastly their biggest addition this offseason has arguably been Steven Hauschka. A very consistent kicker and probably one of the best in the NFL but, not necessarily someone who signifies the Bills are heading in the right direction.

Picks and Needs

Buffalo has 6 picks in this years draft. Having their first 3 rounds of picks will be crucial for them as they try to get pieces they need to fight for a playoff spot.

First round: (1) No. 10

Second round: (1) No. 44

Third round: (1) No. 75

Fourth round: (0)

Fifth round: (2) No. 156, No. 171

Sixth round: (1) No. 195

Seventh round: (0)

I expect they will be used to try to find players who will get a lot of minutes and their last 3 will be more for depth. Because they were so close last year I expect them to try and get their offense sorted out. Is Tyrod Taylor really the answer at Quarterback? Are they really willing to go with Cardale Jones? Personally I say no to both but, I think Tyrod is their only real option as I am not a huge fan of any of these quarterbacks in the draft.

If they can find players who can give them high minutes in the first 3 rounds then you can expect this to be considered a very successful draft.

Offensive Needs:


Wide Receiver

Right Tackle

Defensive Needs:

Inside Linebacker

Free Safety


Targets and Thoughts

I will pick who I think is best for the team just as I did in my other draft profile. There will be no trades and I will be looking at just the first three rounds.

First Round:

Courtesy of: USA Today

Pick #10: Mike Williams WR, Clemson 

Could this pick be any more perfect? Sammy Watkins leaves Clemson and Williams takes over and does phenomenally. As teammates they could be some of the biggest and most dynamic wideout cores in the league.

Second Round:

Pick #44: Jalen ‘Teez’ Tabor CB, Florida

With Gilmore leaving this is an obvious area of concern for the Bills. He is a little undersized but makes up for it with his athleticism. Teez should be able to hold down the second corner back spot across from Ronald Darby well.

Third Round:

Pick #75: Marcus Williams FS, Utah

Free Safety is an area that could be improved upon. Williams is a play-maker and in a defense that is already solid having that extra ball-hawking safety can make a huge difference. I like Williams to go around here if not earlier.


If Taylor can be the Quarterback the Bills believe in then this team has playoff potential written all over. Adding Williams just gives him another great option next to Watkins. Adding Teez and Williams will solidify a secondary on an already extremely scary defense.

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In the NFL, What is Wrong With a Tie?

We have had a tie game each of the last two weeks in the NFL. Lots of fans and media outlets are calling for some kind of rule change to prevent ties from ever happening again. As with many issues in sports, this is an overreaction. No one likes a tie, but they do happen once in a while. It is better than the alternatives. Here is why it is okay to tie.

Ties do not happen often- Since 1974 when the NFL started using an overtime period to break regular season ties, there have been just 22 games that have ended in ties. That is about one tie every two years. The drama in a tie game is the same as any other. If the ending is a little crumby once every two years, I can live with that. We have all seen a good movie with a bad ending or two. What is the difference? Also, prior to 1974 if a regular season game was tied after four quarters, it simply ended in a tie. No one died then, and I am certain everyone will be okay this time.


Overtime rules in the NFL are as fair as they have ever been- College football’s overtime system is a joke. With teams starting at the opposing 25 yard line, gaining a single yard is not necessary for a legitimate chance at a field goal. The first team that does not match or beat its opponent’s result on the previous “drive” loses. Now that is a terrible way to decide a football game.


The only thing worse was the NFL’s true sudden-death format prior to 2012. The team that won the coin toss could throw one 60 yard pass that drew a pass interference penalty and kick a chip shot field goal to win. Personally, I would rather have games end in ties than be decided by either of these two broken systems. Thankfully, the current NFL system allows both teams to possess the ball, unless the first offensive drive of overtime results in a touchdown or any type of defensive score. A field goal on the first drive does not cut it anymore. Perfection does not exist when it comes to rules in sports, but at least this system gives both teams a fair shot. It also lessens the importance of a coin flip and forces the offense to actually move the ball in order to win.


In the two most recent ties, the games were right there to be won for both teams. The box scores of the Cardinals/Seahawks and Bengals/Redskins ties show a combined total of five kicks that would have resulted in a clear winner, including kicks in regulation. Four of them were kicks from inside 40 yards, which were all missed. These games were laid at the feet of each team involved on multiple occasions. It is not the fault of the rules or the NFL that no one could bend over and pick them up.

photo from usatoday.com

photo from usatoday.com

photo from si.mmqb .com

photo from si.mmqb .com

I hate ties as much as anyone, but I hate determining a winner in a cheap way more. Rather than focus on eliminating the possibility of a tie, perhaps fans and coaches around the league should focus on eliminating the comically bad kicking plays that often lead to them.





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