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BlizzCon Online Collectible Packs Include Limited Edition Reinhardt Skin

Bryan Rockwood
One of Blizzard’s most anticipated events of the years is right around the corner, and fans couldn’t be more excited. With BlizzCon happening later this...
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When is the next Blizzcon?

Robert Hanes
Due to COVID-19, everything that was scheduled in terms of live events has come to a screeching halt. Unfortunately, Blizzcon was also caught in the...

The Esquire Spread – The Product of a Celebritization of an Industry

The community was amazed when the Esquire Korea magazine dropped. It was not just admiration at the quality but also the styling that the representative...

What Game Would Each Overwatch Hero Play In Quarantine? (Tanks)

Jordy Garcia
In the unique times that the world is facing right now, many are isolated within their homes and are trying to find things to do...