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Taking a Look at Another Three LCK Rosters

Rui Yang Xu
As the off-season rolls on, three more LCK teams have completed their roster as they look to dethrone T1 and become the new champions of...
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Worlds Group Stage 2018 top 30 players: 5-1

Rui Yang Xu
We’ve finally reached the end of this list. Behold the top 5 players at Worlds as voted on by The Game Haus staff. Every player...
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The Telecom Wars Reignited: The Clash of Titans, or Another Super Team Flop?

Jared MacAdam
It seems to be a tradition for Korean teams to, once seemingly at their peak, dissolve and disperse their players throughout the world. It’s almost like...
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Top 5 Big Plays of League of Legends’ All-Star Event

Thomas Baker
The League of Legends’ All-Star Event is an opportunity to highlight popular players from around the world. Esports fans nominate their favorite players in each...
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