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League of Legends

LCK Bot Lane Tandem Preseason Power Rankings

Rui Yang Xu
With the first three roles of top laner, jungler and mid laner covered, the power rankings move into the bot lane. Lack last year’s edition...
League of Legends

Taking a Look at the Final 3 LCK Rosters

Rui Yang Xu
Seven teams analyzed, three more to go. With some of the big-name players already signed away, how did the final three teams do with their...

5 Day 1 Saviors of Uldum Decks to Try

Gino Zarrella
Saviors of Uldum has just dropped and the active player count for Hearthstone has of course spiked really high. If you are having a hard...
Dota 2 Esports

DotA 2: ESL One Hamburg Group Stage

Nick Davis
The group stage has ended at ESL One Hamburg and the main stage has been set. With the end of the group stage, four of...