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Can the Patriots go 16-0?

Ben Hendricks
The New England Patriots look better than ever. And that is saying a whole lot. Much to the chagrin of opposing fans, and those who...
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Ranking the Patriots’ Super Bowl Seasons

Pranay Malempati
The Patriots will play in their 11th Super Bowl in franchise history on Sunday night. Super Bowl LIII is their third in a row and...
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Best Super Bowl Catches of This Century

Pranay Malempati
As we approach Super Bowl LIII, there are many rankings of the top Super Bowl quarterbacks or Super Bowl MVPs. But right now, let’s look...

Drew Brees: Greatest QB of this generation? Part 2

Pranay Malempati
When a quarterback is likely to end his career with the most yards, touchdowns, completions and completion percentage ever, he has to be in the...
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If Odell Beckham Jr. holds out, the Giants cannot blink

Dylan Streibig
Even though a public statement has been made to the contrary, there are still reports that Odell Beckham Jr. may hold out from Giants training...
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Minnesota Vikings’ top five drafts of all-time

Kenneth Hesse
With the NFL Draft right around the corner, it’s fun to look back on how each team has performed in years’ past. The Minnesota Vikings...
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Federer and Brady: The two ageless wonders of our time

Dylan Streibig
Tom Brady is about to be the centerpiece of yet another Super Bowl, and Roger Federer is fresh off his 20th major victory in Australia. We...
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Top five 2017 fantasy wide receivers

Craig Stogdill
In fantasy football, the deepest position is wide receiver. Teams have a plethora of different receivers and many of them have different skillsets. Some are...