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Overwatch Maps Without a Hero

Matthew Kennedy
Part of what makes Overwatch feel so alive is the connections between the characters and the maps. Each map is filled with lore tidbits and...

The Best Ultimate Combos From The 2020 OWL Season (So Far)

Jordy Garcia
Five weeks into the 2020 season of the Overwatch League and fans have been gifted with some iconic matchups that will be remember for the...
Dallas Fuel Esports Overwatch

Overwatch League Recap: Dallas Fuel vs Washington Justice

Ethan Cowan-Kazmi
The Fuel looked like the better team just based off of the season record. Washington’s team play was almost nonexistent, and was punished by the...
Esports Overwatch Paris Eternal

Overwatch League Recap: Paris Eternal vs Florida Mayhem

Eren Erkey
PARIS ETERNAL (1-1) VS. FLORIDA MAYHEM (0-2) STARTING SIX Roni “LhCloudy” Tiihonen Finnbjörn “Finnsi” Jónasson Terence “SoOn” Tarlier George “ShaDowBurn” Gushcha Luís “Greyy” Perestrelo Harrison “Kruise” Pond SUBS Karol “Danye” Szcześniak PARIS WINS 3-1 OASIS: PARIS 2-0 FLORIDA...
Esports Overwatch Washington Justice

Overwatch League: Washington Justice vs New York Excelsior

Brian Marr
In Stage 1 the New York Excelsior and Washington Justice sat on opposite ends of the spectrum. While New York experienced success Washington struggled to...
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