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League of Legends

Divergent Champion Presence Between Groups During Phase One

Thomas Baker
The 2019 League of Legends World Championship Group Stage has moved into phase two, and teams are making adaptations. They are still figuring out the...
Teamfight Tactics

Teamfight Tactics Champion Tier List: Jinx Brings the Mayhem

Robert Hanes
9.16 is out a there are a lot of buffs, nerfs and just general balances. The tier list is definitely having some movement. So, as of...
Esports Teamfight Tactics

Teamfight Tactics Volibear and Brawlers 101

Zak Almughrabi
Volibear has recently been terrorizing Teamfight Tactics, and it’s clear as to why. He has massive AOE on-hit procs, insane amounts of tankiness and a...
Esports Teamfight Tactics

Teamfight Tactics: Elementalists 101

Zak Almughrabi
The recent Teamfight Tactics meta has been revolving around the Elementalist class, and for good reason. With only three required units granting a massive increase...
Esports Teamfight Tactics

Teamfight Tactics Thursday Tournament Recap

Zak Almughrabi
This Fourth of July played host to the biggest Teamfight Tactics tournament so far in the game’s short life. Pokimane’s Teamfight Tactics Thursday hosted by...
Esports Teamfight Tactics

Best Early, Mid and Late Game Champions in Team Fight Tactics

Connor Knudsen
In Team Fight Tactics, often the key to winning is to properly balance adapting to the late-game and getting level three champions from the early...
Esports League of Legends

League of Legends: Everything You Need to Know about Patch 8.15

Brandon Sturak
League of Legends patch 8.15 released yesterday, and though it is a smaller patch, there are still some important changes. There are no game-changing adjustments,...
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