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Team Liquid

Team Liquid x Naruto Shippuden x King Vader: An Esports-Anime Apparel Crossover

Thomas Baker
Team Liquid’s apparel department does it again. Following in their own footsteps of clothing featuring Marvel, tokidoki, and other recognizable brands, Team Liquid brings a...
Hangzhou Spark Overwatch

OWL Is An Anime: The Hangzhou Spark Manga In Retrospect

Jordy Garcia
The Hangzhou Spark dug deep into its anime roots this season by promoting their upcoming matches with a weekly comic strip akin to that of...
Hangzhou Spark Overwatch

Hangzhou Spark Week 8 Preview

Jordy Garcia
While it’s Week 8 for the OWL, this weekend marks Week 1 for the Hangzhou Spark. Long have fans anticipated the debut of the Chinese...