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Pokemon Pokemon Unite

When Are Blastoise and Gardevoir Available in Pokemon Unite?

Connor Knudsen
Pokemon Unite has already made big waves at launch, featuring a full roster of some of the game’s favorite Pokemon. But, the game will soon...
Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite Tier List Day 1: The Beginning

Robert Hanes
After a long wait, Pokemon Unite, the new Pokemon MOBA game has finally been released. There are 20 Pokemon coming with the game on release...
Pokemon Unite

Updated Pokemon Unite Roster

Robert Hanes
Pokemon Unite is the first official Pokemon MOBA, which stands for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, and it is being developed by Tencent. There has been...
Esports Pokemon

Five early generation Pokémon that could see a revival in Generation VIII

Kirstie Summers
After a tense build up to Pokémon Day 2018, a stunning trailer was released for a new Pokémon movie. It features a lot of early...
Esports Pokemon

Xurkitree Glows in Toronto: VGC 2017 Toronto Regional Championships Recap

Eric Bartlett
Another regional in the books, with Martin Gasdosz taking the title in Toronto. Gajdosz successfully defended his home country against an onslaught of US players...