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Pokemon: VGC 2019 Moon Series – Z Moves Will Power Up These Underrated Threats

Eric Bartlett
VGC 2019’s Moon Series is finally here, and that means the era of Z Moves is as well. With the introduction of these powerful items,
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What to expect from your limited edition Wind Lugia

Kirstie Summers
Dedicated Pokémon fans are getting a lot of rewards in 2018. They can claim a free legendary Pokémon once a month for the duration of
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Five early generation Pokémon that could see a revival in Generation VIII

Kirstie Summers
After a tense build up to Pokémon Day 2018, a stunning trailer was released for a new Pokémon movie. It features a lot of early
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Is Nintendo building up to Switch release announcement on Pokémon Day 2018?

Kirstie Summers
Eagle-eyed Pokémon fans will not have missed that people behind Pokémon are making a big deal about Pokémon Day 2018. They’ve posted a countdown on
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