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Teamfight Tactics

Master Player “Lolsomewhat” Wins the Fifth Team Liquid Galaxy Qualifier

Warren Younger
With the weekly Team Liquid Galaxy Qualifiers now past the half way mark in the competitive season a specific trend as emerged. If you are...

May 2020 Overwatch Tier List: Competitive Season 22

Matthew Kennedy
[The June Tier List is Now Out] Competitive Season 21 has come to a close. And with it, the majority of the Overwatch playerbase waves...

April 2020 Overwatch Tier List: Competitive Season 21

Matthew Kennedy
April sees the middle and ending phase of Competitive Season 21, and a unified hero ban system between the Overwatch League and Competitive Play. Matching...
Dota 2 Esports

Did Dota Just Get Harder?

Matt Mead
Is it just us, or did Dota just get harder? Specifically talking about the new 2019 ranked season. Perhaps, to some, nothing has changed, but...
Teamfight Tactics

Teamfight Tactics: How Keane Pilots his Rank 1 Composition

Zak Almughrabi
Anyone who has been paying attention to the TFT Challenger ladder knows that Keane consistently has 2 accounts in the top 10 and hits Rank...