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Overwatch’s Third Tracer Comic Released

Matthew Kennedy
The third installment of the ‘London Calling’ comic series released today. Created by Dark Horse comics, this issue deals with the aftermath of Mondatta’s assassination...
Esports Overwatch Philadelphia Fusion Shanghai Dragons

Shanghai Destroys Philadelphia in Semifinal

Leonard Ufer
This thursday the Shanghai Dragons and the Philadelphia Fusion battled for the second spot in the Winner´s Final that will be played on Friday. Many...

Overwatch’s Tracer Challenge is Now Live

Matthew Kennedy
Following the release of a brand-new comic, a new mini event will give players a chance for a unique skin and sprays. From September 15-28,...
Overwatch Shanghai Dragons

Shanghai Clinches APAC´s First Seed to Grand Finals

Leonard Ufer
In a nail-biting five map series, the Shanghai Dragons were able to fend off the Seoul Dynasty and clinched the first Seed to the Overwatch...
New York Excelsior Overwatch Shanghai Dragons

Shanghai vs New York: A Tale of Two Players

Leonard Ufer
This weekend, in the semifinal between the Shanghai Dragons and the New York Excelsior, two key players defined the outcome of the match. The final...
Chengdu Hunters London Spitfire Overwatch

How Things Went Down in the First APAC Playoff Game

Leonard Ufer
The Overwatch Playoffs have begun. Yesterday the first two games in North America took place and this early morning, the Asian Division had their first...