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Esports Overwatch Washington Justice

Getting to know Grant Paranjape, the new VP of Business of the Washington Justice: “I’m excited to get the work and ultimately build a franchise that you guys can be proud of”

Robert Hanes
Grant Paranjape has been doing big things in the Esports scene for awhile. His journey has lead him to Washington where he will help the...
Esports Overwatch Washington Justice

The Washington Justice are the Happiest Team in the Overwatch League: An Interview with Kate, AVALLA, Stratus, Fahzix, and Mason

Brandon Padilla
The Washington Justice are joining the Overwatch League under interesting circumstances. Underdogs to a man, this team trends towards the bottom of many power rankings...
Esports Overwatch

Overwatch: Top 10 Overwatch League Newcomers (#1-#5)

Connor Knudsen
This season, the Overwatch League will field eight new teams, including a large cast of new players, coaches and managers. This past offseason has allowed...
Contenders Esports Overwatch

Overwatch: What to Take Away from the Ellie Social Experiment

Kate Shepard
On Wednesday, Second Wind, a North American Contenders team announced the departure of one of their players, “Ellie“. This announcement was made mere weeks after...
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