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League of Legends

LCK Jungler Preseason Power Rankings

Rui Yang Xu
With the top laner compared and ranked, it’s time to move on to another position, the junglers. While the roles has been nerfed quite a...
Esports League of Legends

NA Junglers Can’t Play Olaf

Declan Mclaughin
Olaf in the NALCS Olaf is currently sitting at a 0-8 record in the NALCS. The Berserker has only been played in the jungle and...
Esports League of Legends

Preseason: NA’s graduated junglers

Michael Lee
After joining the NA LCS in 2017, three former rookies mount their return as NA’s newly graduated junglers. Mike “MikeYeung” Yeung, Omar “Omargod” Amin and...
Esports League of Legends

Why Dardoch and Xmithie are perfect fits for their teams

Christian Marcale
It’s only been one week into the Summer Split of the NALCS, but Immortals and CLG look impressive. During the off-season, the two teams agreed...
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