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Golden Guardians League of Legends

Golden Guardians Recap: Week 3

James Clee
Week 3 showed signs of life for Golden Guardians in the 2020 LCS Spring Split. After a comeback fell short versus TSM on Saturday, they...
Esports League of Legends Team SoloMid

LCS Recap: Team SoloMid vs Clutch Gaming

Brayden Nazarian
Entering Week 3, Team SoloMid and Clutch Gaming have had similar, yet different starts to their Summer Splits. For TSM, they had gotten off to...
Esports League of Legends

League of Legends: TSM’s Last Minute Changes

Dedrick Freeman
On Saturday, January 12, 2019, TSM announced via Twitter that Matt ‘Akaadian’ Higginbotham will replace Johnathan ‘Grig’ Armao as the starting Jungler for 2019 LCS Spring...
Esports League of Legends

NA LCS: 100 Thieves v Team SoloMid Third Place Decider Recap

Brandon Sturak
This Finals weekend kicked off with the NA LCS Third Place Decider series between 100 Thieves (“100T”) and Team SoloMid (“TSM”). Both teams were eager...
Esports League of Legends

NA LCS: Cloud9 v Team SoloMid Semifinal Recap

Brandon Sturak
The last four teams play this weekend for a spot in the Finals, with Cloud9 (“C9”) and Team SoloMid (“TSM”) kicking it off! Both teams...
Esports League of Legends

NA LCS: Echo Fox v TSM Quarterfinal Recap

Brandon Sturak
NA LCS Quarterfinals kicked off with Echo Fox (“FOX”) taking on Team SoloMid (“TSM”). Both teams have very different style, with FOX being aggressive and...
Esports League of Legends

NA LCS Week Three Day One Recap

Brandon Sturak
NA LCS Week Three is underway, and it is certainly enthralling to see rivalries emerge. Team Liquid and Echo Fox fought for the first place...