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5 Cardinals to Watch in the Preseason Finale at New Orleans

Jose Solis
UPDATE: Due to Hurricane Ida making its way to Louisiana, the Cardinals-Saints game has been moved up to 1 PM eastern time. The final Cardinals...

Cincinnati Bengals: 5 Things Learned From Week 4

Joe DiTullio
The Bengals notched their first win of the season over the Jacksonville Jaguars. Here are five things learned from week 4. 1. The Offensive Line...

Cincinnati Bengals: 5 Things to Watch in Week 2

Joe DiTullio
The Cincinnati Bengals are entering week 2 as they prepare to take on the Cleveland Browns. With every game of the season, there will be...

Cincinnati Bengals 2020 NFL Draft Profile

Robert Hanes
The 2020 NFL Draft is just over a month away, which means that The Game Haus will be doing draft profiles for every team. Each...