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Bartlett's Battle Frontier Pokemon

Top European Player Invades and Wins the Pokemon VGC Richmond Regional Championships

Eric Bartlett
It has been quite some time since a foreign player has won a United States tournament, but top European player, Nils Dunlop, successfully invaded the...
Bartlett's Battle Frontier Esports Pokemon

Pokemon: Wolfe Glick Makes History at the 2019 North American International Championships

Eric Bartlett
After an intense three days worth of battles at the North American International Championships, the final international champion of the 2019 season has been crowned....
Bartlett's Battle Frontier Esports

Pokemon: Hot Takes for the 2019 North America International Championships

Eric Bartlett
Members of the Pokemon VGC community love sharing their “hot takes” with varying degrees of sincerity. Since the last major tournament before the 2019 World...